Wednesday, 22 July 2009

end of term and a brand new start

I'm so happy that its the end of term but im also sad co's im going to the new
secondary school.

I'm alredy missing them, being YR6 the oldest in the school, and the cool
trips that my teachers organised it was soo fun in that school.

On to the new start i imagine it going to be very daunting at the new
school with all the new people and big people I might even get lost in the school
it has got 3 floors {ground, first, second}.
and also it is very strict if you bring chewing gum you get expelled

But its also very modern its got cool chairs tables and it even has
a very colorful walls and mint projecters.

well cya I might not bet writing for a while....

Sunday, 11 January 2009


January the 5Th you think its not special it is for me! Listen are you ready. i stay away from home for 5 days. i had to pack everything and when i got there i dint cry but my mum did and when i got home my mum started hugging me. Embarrassing.

the food at breakfast was cereal then beans then i can last until lunch
the tea was amassing the starter for Thursday i cant remember but the main course was
Yorkshire pudding lovely i got the veggie sauce and i got to Yorkshire puddings.lucky me.

it was all fun there i relay enjoyed it
i forgot to mention the private cinema and got to watch bedtime stories.
i bought a doublechocolate ice-cream, lovely.


If you herd ihsans new post, mine is the same but different. I.... me and family went to LONDON
it seems nice but wait for the rest of it.

day there we dicided to go to oxford st then we went
shopping, boring, then we wanted to go back so we took the
underground way (train). From oxford st to Merylerborn,
hower you spell it, to Regen st we wnt around and around
and around once the train stopped and the lights swiched off
so we decided to walk. What a long walk it was for us (family
apart from dad). Dad was very smart he said the place was
close by but it was one mile away. And when we saw halal
subway ihsan wanted to eat. hehe. that was just the first
all the other days were horrible aswell but the last day we ate at McDonalds.
finnaly halal McDonalds.

By the way...
...Happy new year!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


hi I got a new piczo account it's called coolpokefan
hey pahngah you know how much i lov pokemon so thats why.

(i wish somemore people wold com to my blog)

forget that if you read <(^_^)>

well if you go on my piczo account it verry simple so don't brag.

Monday, 10 November 2008

new pets

Yesterday me and my bro Ihsan got aquatic pets whilst farah only bought a fish, Ihsan got a terrapin so he put it in his own room and i got a little red CRAB so my dad put it in the tank.

My teacher for year 6 had to go off work because she is pregnant so we ( my class & I) have a replacement teacher called Mrs Churchill.

Sorry my post is a bit boring, but its still exiting.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

congratulations pak ngah for your wedding, i hope you are OK.

can you buy me and my little sibblings a present and abah & ummi,um i forgot everyone says a great big congratulations pakngah!

Sunday, 14 September 2008


Its ramadhan and im going to fast all this month, and going to get £60 pounds from my dad.Hehe.